Sabrina: The Western Witch (by Nancy)

Summary:   A Sabrina: The Teenage Witch/The Big Valley Crossover)
Category:  Crossover
Genre:   Western/Fantasy
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  3250

Sabrina grabbed her nap-sack from the floor and swung it over her shoulder as she stood up from her desk.  She closed her books as she picked them up off the desk and cradled them in her arms.  She caught up to her friend, Dreama as she was about to exit the classroom.

“That was the most interesting history class all year.  I think it would be cool to live in the Old West.”  Sabrina confided to Dreama.

Dreama saw the excitement on her blonde friend’s face and agreed that the old west sounded like it would be fun.  The tall dark skinny witch smiled as she gave a tug on her left ear lobe.  All of a sudden the school disappeared to be replaced by the dusty streets of a town in the Old West.

“Dreama, what did you do?”  Sabrina demanded as she looked around and saw dusty streets; horse pulled wagons and men walking around wearing guns.

“Well you said you thought the Old West would be cool.  So I wished us back in time.”  Dreama answered innocently.

“We don’t have time for this, we have to get to math.”  Sabrina said as she wiggled her finger in an attempted to send them back to their own time, but nothing happened.

“Oh great!  You put a lock on your spell.  You will have to do it.”  The blonde witch ordered her friend

“Okay, I am sorry.  I will have us back home in sec.”  Dreama apologized as she pulled her ear.  But instead of finding themselves back at school they found themselves still on the dusty streets with Dreama holding a banana that had magically appeared.  “Oh!  That wasn’t suppose to happen.”  She whined.

“Great, just great.  You send us back to the Old West.  You put a lock on your spell so I can’t get us home and you can’t remember how to reverse your spell.  Now we are going to miss math.”  Sabrina yelled at the tall dark witch.

“I’m sorry.”  Dream whined and shrugged her shoulders as she apologized again.  “At this rate I am never going to get her witches license.”  She thought

“Yeah! Yeah, I know you are.  But that doesn’t change the fact that we are stuck in the past with no money.”

“We could just conjure up some money.”  Dreama suggested as she reached to pull her ear.  Sabrina grabbed the dark witches arm and stopped her.

“Using magic to make money is against the witches council.  Do you want to be turned into a cat like Salem.”  The pretty blonde witch warned her friend.

“What?”  Came a sleepy voice from Sabrina’s nap-sack said.

“Salem what are you doing in my nap-sack?  You know you are not suppose to come to school with me.”  Sabrina demanded of the black cat.

“You said that it was fish day at school.  Hey what happened to the paved streets and cars.”  The black cat asked when he noticed the dusty streets of Stockton.

“Dreama, sent us back to the Old West and now she can’t remember how to get us home.”  Sabrina explained

“NO!  Don’t tell me we are stuck in the Old West.  I hated this time period.  All this dust makes my fur hard to clean.”  The cat whined

“Fine, I won’t tell you.  Dreama we need to find a job so we can afford to live in this place until you can remember how to get us home.  And you better be thinking real hard on how to do that.”  Sabrina said as she glared at her tall dark friend.

“How about that store?  It has help wanted sign in the Window.”  Dreama suggested as she pointed at the general store.

Sabrina shoved Salem back in the nap-sack as the two girls entered the store and walked up to the counter.  “Excuse me ma’am.  We are here about the job.”  Sabrina asked the Store clerk.

The store clerk looked up from the paper she was reading to see two young girls.  The blonde girl wore a dress with very thin straps that ran across her shoulders, the neckline was extremely low cut and the hemline ended just above the knees.  The darker girl wore what looked like very short pants.  This girl’s shirt did not even cover her belly button.  Aghast the store clerk replied.  “I will not have your kind working her.  Try the saloon down the street.  Now get out.”

Shocked by the rude behavior of the store clerk the two teenagers left.  “How did she know we are witches?”  Dreama asked.  “You don’t think she is a witch hunter do you?”

“I don’t know how she could know we are witches, but if she was a witch hunter she would have said, “You are witches” and we would be a couple of mice right now.  Anyway she did say that we might get a job at the saloon so lets go see.”  Sabrina suggested.


Heath walked into the saloon, ordered a drink and found a table in the corner of the bar to sit.   The blond man had been living at the ranch for about three months and this was the first time Nick suggested that they go have a night on the town together.  Heath had been a little surprised by the suggestion, since his older brother had made it perfectly clear that he did not welcome having a new brother.  On more than one occasions over the past three months the blond cowboy and the tall older cowboy would disagree about something and solved their difference of opinion with their fists.  During the last few weeks however Nick started to accept the fact that Heath was there to stay and began being a little more civil toward the younger brother, but he still treated the blond as if he was nothing more than a hired hand.  Then today Nick suggested that Heath accompany him to town where they would meet Jarrod and have a brother’s night out.  The blond cowboy believed that Jarrod had something to do with the suggestion, but he accepted the offer anyway.  When they arrived in town Nick informed his blond brother that he had some business to discuss with Jarrod and that they would all meet at the saloon.  So Heath went to the saloon to await his two older brothers.

Heath had just sat down at the table when two pretty young girls, who couldn’t have been more than seventeen, walked in the bar.   He watched as the two made their way to the counter.   He noticed the blonde girl do a gesture with her hand as she wiggled and pointed her finger at a man that became a little too frisky with the dark girl.   All of a sudden the man started jumping around and ripping at his clothes.

“What is wrong?”  Heath heard the bartender ask

“I don’t know.  It feels like ants inside my clothes.”  The man screamed as he raced out of the saloon to jump in the nearest water trough.  That was strange Heath thought as he watched the two girls laugh at the man’s predicament.  Then the two girls approached the bartender.

“We were told that you might have a job.”  The blonde girl asked.

“If you are looking I am hiring.  You can start by seeing if those boys over there need anything.”  The bartender said as he pointed to a group of men sitting at a table across the room from where Heath sat.

The two girls walked over to the table.  “Can we get you anything?”  The dark girl asked

“Yeah!  You have everything we want.”  One of the men leered as he grabbed the dark girl’s left arm and pulled her onto his lap.  As the blonde girl raised her right hand another man grabbed it and pulled her onto his lap.  Both girls where unable to use their magic to defend themselves.

“Let us go.”  The two girls yelled at the same time as they struggled to free themselves.  When Heath saw the terror in the young girls’ faces he realized that even though these girls were dressed like saloon girls they did not belong in here and that they were way over their heads.  He got up from his table and walked over to the table with the men.

“Okay you had your fun let the ladies go.”  Heath ordered.

“Only your kind would call these women ladies.  Now why don’t you run along and mind your own business, boy.”  Sneered the man who was holding Sabrina.

“Because I am making this my business.”  Heath said as he threw a punch that slammed into the man’s jaw causing him to loosen his grip on Sabrina.  Sabrina took the opportunity to free herself.

The man that had Dreama pushed her from his lap and launched himself at Heath.   The blond cowboy saw him coming and duck out of the way and the man went crashing into a table.  Then another man came up behind at Heath with a chair raised over his head.  Just as the man was about to bring the chair crashing down against the blond unprotected back it vanished.  The confused attacker stood staring at his empty hands as the blond Barkley turned and knocked him out with a right hook.

Another man launched himself at Heath with a broken bottle of whiskey, but before he reached the blond Barkley he screamed out in pain and dropped the broken bottle as it turned into a hot iron.  The activity of the room stopped as everyone stared in disbelief at the hot iron on the floor where the man had dropped it.  Heath took this opportunity to grab the arms of the two girls and propel them out the door and dragged them into the back alley by the Saloon.

“What the hell did you kids think you were doing in there.”  Heath hissed at the two teenaged girls.

“We just trying to earn some money.  We are broke and have no place to go.”  Dreama pouted.  The incident in the saloon had shaken her up and she was almost in tears.

“Don’t you have any family?”  Heath asked

“Yes, but we got separated.  We are trying find our way back, but we needed some money to live on until we do.”  Sabrina explained.  She too was pretty shaken up with what had happen.

Heath understood only too well how desperation could drive one to do things that they normally would not think of doing.  There were many times before he found his way to the Barkleys that he came close to doing things that he was not proud of.  If it had not been for some kind people taking pity on him and giving him a helping hand he might have done those things in order to survive.

“That place is no place for young girls like you.”  He said,  “If you need a job I’ll hire you.  My family owns a ranch I am sure we can find something for you to do.”

 “Woo-ho!  Dreama did you hear that we get to work on a real cattle ranch.”  Sabrina shouted with joy.  “Thanks mister.”

“Barkley.  Heath Barkley.”  He introduced himself as he extended his hand.

“I am Sabrina Spellman and this is my friend Dreama.”  Sabrina said

“That man in there said only your kind would call us ladies, does that mean you are like us?”  Dreama asked as Heath shook her hand.  She remembered what the man in the saloon said to this blond man and she wondered if he too was a witch.

“In a way I suppose I once was.  I was alone with no place to go and desperate for money.  But I found my way home and so will you.”  Heath answered the dark girl’s question.

“No, I mean are you a wi?”  Dreama started to ask, but Sabrina grabbed her arm and twisted it.  “OW!  Hey that hurts.”

“Well the first thing we have to do is get you something a little more respectable to wear.  I can’t take you home dressed like that.”  Heath stated ignoring the exchange between the two girls as he waved his hand at them.

“What’s wrong with what we are wearing?”  Dreama demanded as Sabrina took a close look at what they both were wearing and remembered that respectable ladies of this era did not wear these kind of clothes.  She grabbed Dreama by the arm and whispered in her ear.  Dreama’s eyes grew wide with horror as what Sabrina told her sunk in.

“They thought we were whor. Whor.” The dark girl stammered, but could not say the word.  Heath stood watching as the two girls’ faces turned beet red and he realized that these girls had not known what they had been about to do.

“We gotta to go.  Just wait for us right here okay?  Sabrina said as she pulled Dreama further down the alley.  Once they were out of sight of the tall blond cowboy both witches magically changed into more appropriate clothing.  They then went back to where their new boss waited for them.

“Hey where did you get the clothes and how did you change so fast.”  The confused blond man asked.

“Oh they were in my bag and we are just fast at changing.”  Sabrina lied.

Heath looked at the small bag the blonde girl carried and whistled.  “It’s amazing you could fit two dresses in that bag and they are not even wrinkled.  Maybe you can teach my sister a few things about changing clothes quickly.  She takes forever.”


Nick and Jarrod entered the Saloon to join Heath and found the bar in a total mess.  Tables were over turned, chairs and bottles broken.  There definitely had been a fight in here.

“Hey Mike!  Have you seen Heath.”  Jarrod asked the barkeeper with concern in his voice.

“Yeah that no account brother of yours was in here.  He started this fight then split with the two new girls I just hired.  I knew he would be trouble his kind always are.”   The angry barkeeper snapped.

“You be careful what you say about him.”  Nick warned as he clenched his fists.  The barkeeper backed away.

“We better go look for him, Nick.”  Jarrod said as he grabbed his brother’s arm and turned him toward the door before another fight broke out.  When they stepped outside the saloon they saw their blond brother exit the alley with a couple of young girls and head toward the livery stable.

“Heath, wait up.”  Jarrod yelled after his blond brother.

Heath turned to face his two older brothers.  Jarrod looked his young blond brother over and was amazed to find that there wasn’t even a scratch on him.  The way the bar looked he had expected to find Heath covered in blood.

“Hi, Jarrod.  Hi, Nick.”  Heath cheerfully greeted his two older brothers.

“Don’t hi us.”  Nick grumbled “What this about you starting a fight and taking off with two saloon girls.  Where are the bimbos anyway.”  Nick said looking around, but all he saw was two very pretty innocent young ladies.  They sure did not look like saloon girls.

“What saloon girls Nick?  I just met these two young ladies looking for work, so I hired them.  I would like both of you to meet Sabrina and Dreama.”  Heath said introducing the two teenagers to his brothers.

“Dreama, What kind of ridiculous name is that.”  Nick laughed.   The words the tall cowboy said hurt Dreama’s feelings and before Sabrina could stop her the dark witch pulled on her ear and a gust of wind blew Nick into a near by watering tough.

Heath had noticed the dark girl pull her ear just before Nick went tumbling into the trough.  That is strange, he thought.  He remembered the incident in the saloon when the blonde girl wiggled her finger and seconds after the man started screaming that he had ants in his pants.  Could the girls have caused these incidents somehow?  No that was ridiculous.

“Boy Howdy, Nick you really should be more careful.  You know horses have to drink out of there.”  The blond cowboy laughed as Jarrod helped Nick out of the trough.

An angry Nick grabbed at his younger brother to dunk him in the trough.  As soon as his hand touched Heath’s arm the tall cowboy yelped out in pain and withdrew his hand as if he had been burnt.  Just before Nick yelped out in pain Heath had noticed the blonde girl out of the corner of his eye wiggle her finger and point it at Nick.  This is weird Heath thought.  Every time he saw one of the girls wiggle her finger or pull her ear something strange happened.  He could not shake the uneasy feeling that these girls somehow caused these things to happen.

“Who let that cat in here?”  They all heard the bartender yell as he threw a black cat into the streets of Stockton.

“Salem.”  The blonde girl yelled as the cat landed hard on the ground and lay motionless.  “Are you okay, speak to me.  I’ll give you as much fish, as you want.  Just wake up and speak to me.”  She pleaded as she knelt down by her black cat.

“You want a cat to talk to you.”  Nick asked the blonde girl kneeling and cradling the black cat in her arms.

Just then the cat awoke.  “Did you get the number of that bus that hit me?  Salem asked

“That, that t.t.talked.”   Nick stammered as the other two Barkley brothers stared in shocked silence.

“Oh no!  A cat talk, don’t be silly.  Dreama just threw her voice.  She is always pulling practical jokes on people.”  Sabrina said as she picked up the cat and whispered in his ear.  “Be quiet.”

“I remember.”  Dreama yelled as she smiled and tugged at her ear.  The two girls and black cat disappeared from the streets of Stockton.  Leaving three very confused brothers standing there with their mouths open.

“I had too much to drink.  What is your excuse?”  Heath asked his two older brothers

“I did not see two girls just disappear into thin air.”  Jarrod answered

” I did not hear a cat talk.”  Nick added.

” We speak of this to no one.”  All three brothers said at the same time.


“Dreama, you should have waited until there were no mortals around before you made us vanished.”  Sabrina rebuked her friend when they reappeared in the halls of their high school.

“Oh!  I never do anything right.  I am never going to get my witches’ license.  Dreama whined.

Just then Mr. Krats walked up behind them.  “You girls just missed three of your classes.  It is detention for you for the rest of the week.”  He announced gleefully.  The principal of the school enjoyed it when he could make the students suffer.

“Great Just Great.”  Sabrina said as she stomped her foot, glared at the dark witch and stalked off.

“I’m sorry.”  Dreama called after her.

***The End***

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