Goodwill Towards Men (by b.d. brisbin)

Category:  Lancer
Genre:  Western
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  150

Standing in the moonlit cold of his bedroom balcony, Murdoch sipped his scotch and stared at the full moon, millions of stars, and sighed. He was content. He finally had both of his sons home and they were spending Christmas together. In addition, they had an overnight guest, Sheriff Val Crawford.

While he and his older son Scott both respected and shared friendship with Crawford, they were grateful and aware of the special relationship that Crawford with the youngest Lancer, Johnny, shared from Johnny’s ‘Madrid’ days as a gunfighter. Holding his scotch to the heavens, Murdoch toasted Crawford, “Thank you, Val, for looking after my son, then and now.”

***The End***

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