Murdoch’s Diary (by d.b. brisbin)

Category:  Lancer
Genre:  Western
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  180


Rummaging around in the attic, looking for a box that Teresa wanted, he jumped when the old book hit the floor unexpectedly, moaning when the last few pages slipped out.

He bent and picked up the old journal, seeing the dated pages.  Putting them in order, he recognized his father’s handwriting, although it wasn’t his usual steady penmanship.

Upon placing the last page in the book, he noticed his name and began to read:

Today I lost my faith.  I have damned God and the entire world.  What have I done to be punished so?  One son I’m blackmailed into leaving with his grandfather; now, this morning, I awoke to find Maria gone, taking the very core of my heart with her, my son John.

Here I sit, lost and ready to die.   I’ll give up the ranch, anything, just to hold him in my arms again.

Johnny saw dried water droplets on the page, and as he closed the book, a few tears of his own slipped onto the page.

***The End***

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