Springtime At Lancer (by b.d. brisbin)

Category:  Lancer
Genre:  Western
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  180



“Sleeping-in” felt so good. Even though he was awake and drowsing, the warm gentle breeze caressed his skin while the morning sun warmed his soul. Now and then, the white lace window curtains would float towards the bed allowing the scent of honeysuckle to envelope the room. Snuggled in the fresh lavender scented sheets of the goose-down bed, he had never been so relaxed.

Spring invaded his senses. Birds outside his window chattered and sang. Foals squealed, their footfalls light and rapid as they romped and bucked in their pasture. Satisfied bawls came from the cattle. Absent were sounds of human toil. It was Sunday.

He knew his family had long since left for church. A ritual he did not share nor enjoy. Right now, what he was experiencing was heaven to him.

Spring had wrapped herself around him in her light embrace.

***The End***

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