Mother’s Day (by Linda B)

Summary:  Letter From Sgt Saunders To His Mother
Category:  Combat
Genre:  WWII Drama
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  250

Dear Ma,

Sorry I haven’t written to you before now and I hope this reaches you for Mother’s Day.

I didn’t realize now much I would miss you each day until I remembered it was Mother’s Day soon. This will be the first Mother’s Day I don’t make your breakfast and serve it to you in bed.

It makes me smile to think how you would make a big fuss and pretend to enjoy the burnt toast, the lumpy porridge and the cold coffee. I’m not sure who was happier when I finally learnt how to cook them

I never understood why the walk to the cemetery later that morning was a happy time for you. I thought you’d be sad because Grandma and Grandpa had passed away, but now I understand that it’s a time to remember the good times, not the bad.

So remember the good times, Ma. Even though I’m so far away my thoughts and love for you on this special day are with you always.

Your loving son,

PS – Brat, burn the toast, make the porridge lumpy, let the coffee get cold and give Ma an extra kiss and hug from me.

***The End***

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