Ode to Bonanza (by Linda B)

Summary:  Ode to Bonanza
Category:  Poetry
Genre:  Rhyme
Rated:  G
Word Count:  400


Bonanza has been shown on cable for the past couple of years,
but now that it’s gone as of this weekend – I’m reduced to tears?
The times it was screened really made me irate,
because you see they were on early morning and evening very late.

I used to see a Bonanza Bonanza of 5 glorious episodes,
but now I have no choice but watch my favourites on videos.
The pause button will now be used even more,
as at Adam’s body and face I gaze and adore.

Small mercies at least for the wonderful VCR,
for without it I would no longer be seeing my favourite handsome star.
My tapes are all numbered and carefully catalogued you see,
so that at a quick glance I can say “The episode I want’s in Volume Twenty Three.”

The Glory Years with dark haired Adam I’ll always consider the best,
for the way he fought for family and ranch was always a “no contest”.
Okay were the latter years with Ben, Hoss, Joe and the rest,
but I always missed one older brother who they said just up and left.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and find Trapper John,
being screened on the TV somewhere later on.
Although my collection of Pernell’s work isn’t complete,
some of the stuff he’s done is really cool and a treat.

So out with Ride Lonesome, Sam Boone and Will,
and the woman who’s pointy bra always makes me quite ill.
Or maybe Hawaii 5 -0’s baseball playing star,
whose son causes problems for McGarrett and Pa.

A nice lot to choose from and not complete by far,
but anything that Pernell appears in I’ll give it a gold star.
To star in a spin-off of Bonanza would have been great,
but he was out the door like the bolting horse through that damn open gate.

He was said to have gone into the land of limbo,
but to that comment I’ll happily give a big heave-ho.
I wish he’d appeared in heaps more shows,
but this long list in front of me still grows and grows.

To hell with money, fame and fortune it’s been that he said,
to be considered a good actor is all he wants read,
At least he’s done what he wanted in his career,
and maybe that’s why I hold him ever so dear.


***The End***

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