A Letter from Adam (by DebbieB)

Summary:  This Mother’s Day, it’s Adam’s turn to write home and wish Pa a Happy Mother’s Day.

Rated:   G (550 words)



                                   A Letter from Adam


Dear Pa,

As of yet, I haven’t figured out how it is that I’m the one away on business this time of the year. Joe must have somehow convinced you that he was needed more at home than doing business for the ranch. The little scamp…just what was it that he said to you? Or did he just bat those long lashes of his and give you one of his best sad-eyed puppy dog looks? Hahahaha…I have to hand it to the kid, he sure knows how to keep you twisted around his little finger…but then, he does Hoss and I the same way. We can’t really fault him, can we? We’ve allowed it to go on far too many years and since he’s a man now, I think it’s time all three of us cut Joe’s apron strings and let the boy…ere…young man, learn to fly on his own.

You’ve given him all the tools he needs to be the kind of person, the right sort of man that we knew he would one day become. In fact, Pa, you’ve given to all three of us the tools designed to make the most out of our lives. You’ve taught us that Life is what We make it, be it good or bad. You’ve taught us how to take the bad with the good as well as how to cope with our shortcomings and our successes.

When I think of all the hours you’ve spent, the long days, sleepless nights and the never-ending devotion that you’ve given to each of us, together and as individuals, saying thanks for everything hardly seems sufficient somehow.

To say that we appreciate what you’ve sacrificed for us isn’t enough either. I think that the best way we can tell you how we feel, is by living by the examples that you have set before us. Deep within my heart, and I’m sure that Hoss and Little Joe feel as I do, living out our lives, being the men that you expected us to become, and loving not only God, but family and friends, keeping the values that you lived your life by so that one day we could pass them down to our children, is the most sincere way of us telling you how we feel. Live by example, isn’t that what you’ve always tried to teach us? Well, Pa…you are a fine example of both father and mother, and that’s why today, I wanted to wish you the best, the best of life and of love, for you surely have ours. Today is a day that we would normally devote to our mother’s, but since that cannot be except in memory and heart, I give freely my mother’s portion of my heartfelt love, to you. You deserve it, along with my respect, my admiration and my promise that one day…when I become a father, I pray that I can be one such as you have been to Hoss, Joe and myself. I love you, Pa, for what you’ve given to my brothers and I, for what you’ve taught us but mostly because of who you are and what you stand for.

Happy Mother’s Day, Pa.

Respectfully, your son,

Adam Cartwright

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