Chinese Molasses #2 – Frightened Beyond Reason (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail:


Summary: While on a San Francisco holiday, Joe mysteriously disappears. When Ben, Adam, and Hoss learn that Lin Wong, the evil Chinaman who had adducted Joe five years earlier has been recently released from prison and spotted in the area, they begin a massive search for their missing family member. Meanwhile, Little Joe is held prisoner deep in the hull of a sailing ship. Lin Wong is teaching Joe a new meaning to the word fear and Joe is quickly slipping from the real world into a world where there is no fear. Will Lin Wong fulfill his promise that he made to Joe five years ago?

Rated:  R ( Warning subject matter contains violence, abuse, and sexual content. May not be suitable for all readers.) (27,550 words)

Chinese Molasses Series:

  1. Chinese Molasses
  2. Frightened Beyond Reason
  3. In My Father’s House
  4. Prelude to Rebirth
  5. The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright

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