Chinese Molasses #4 – Prelude to Rebirth (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail:

SummaryPrelude to Rebirth, will explain without details, what really happened to Joe Cartwright when Lin Wong returned unexpectedly a year later.  After believing to be dead, Lin Wong enters the Cartwright home and finds Joe alone.  From that meeting, Joe’s nightmare becomes a reality that takes him from one lifetime into another, where he seeks refuge.

Even though this story is G-rated, it will be difficult to follow if the reader has not read the previous stories within the series.


Chinese Molasses Series:

  1. Chinese Molasses
  2. Frightened Beyond Reason
  3. In My Father’s House
  4. Prelude to Rebirth
  5. The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright

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