There Will Never Be Another (by Donna)

Summary:   A poem.
Category:  Poetry
Genre:  Bonanza, Little House, Highway to Heaven
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  182


Thank you for the smiles and laughter.
Whether Joe’s chasing a leprechaun “bonanza”
Or Charles is building a little house on the prairie
Or Jonathan is helping a stranger to be less wary
Of an angel who wants people to help others on the highway to heaven.

Thank you for the tears.
The ones I shed with Little Joe each time love nears, then disappears.
The ones I shed with Charles
Through happy times and quarrels.
The ones I shed with Jonathan when an assignment ends.

Thank you for the “happy, golden years”
The days of my teen years
And the days of the lean years
When Joe, Charles and Jonathan appeared seemingly out of the blue.
To remind me of you.

Thank you for teaching me to live each day.
As your shows show me a way
To love family, friends and the gift of living.
And to spend time giving to others.
I thank God you walked my way.

There’ll never be another.

***The End***

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