Title Story (by Jana)

Summary:   This was a silly entry for a contest using all the titles of the series. Just meant for fun, not actually literature!
Category:  Houston Knights|
Genre:  Drama
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  1308


This was a very tough case, and the two detectives were struggling to maintain their tempers as they reviewed the information on the Crime Spree. They didn’t have much to go on, and Houston’s Hero, Levon Lundy was frustrated.

“Yesterday’s Gone but let’s see what we have today,” his partner, Joey LaFiamma called out. “If I remember the details correctly, each incident took place North of the Border, and they used a Colt to get away from the last officer, when they were stopped for a Moving Violation.”

“That about sums it up, except you forgot one thing,” Lundy said.

“And what might that be,” his hot headed partner responded.

“They left their calling card on the floor of every store they passed the forged money in.”

“True, I had forgotten The Stone,” Joey amended. “What do you make of it, Levon?”

“Not rightly sure. I know they have Secrets, but I think my brain is functioning at a Diminished Capacity right now.”

“Perhaps we need some bait? You know, put someone in a store where they are likely to strike,” Joey said.

“Flip you for it,” Levon called, taking a quarter from his pocket. “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.”

“No fair,” Joey bantered back. “You must think There’s One Born Every Minute, but I refuse to play the fool for you. Let’s go check with Chicken, maybe he has some information on our Vigilante.”

“Now your talking. I can also get me some of his new Cajun Spice ribs. Have you tried them yet?” Levon asked, as he picked up his gun and got ready to leave.

“Not yet, and I don’t want any today either. They will kill you Levon. Don’t you ever get Burn Out, from eating ribs daily? Let’s stop and get some Chinese instead.”

Shaking his head slowly, Levon said, “I’m not stopping for Chinese, and since I’m driving you’re out of luck.”

“Fine, lets just go,” Joey replied following his partner to the garage. Boy but Levon needed Somebody To Love. He was Gun Shy since Caroline and Joey prayed that Gods Will would be done and Levon would find another girlfriend soon.

It didn’t take them long to arrive at Chicken’s and exiting the Jimmy, Joey could already smell the ribs. Maybe Chicken could help then and he could escape before Levon sat down for an extended meal. If Home is Where The Heart Is, then Levon must think Chicken’s rib stand was home.

Shaking himself out of his musings Joey tuned in just in time to hear Chicken say, “I don’t have much fellows, but the Desperado you want is passing Bad Paper all over town, if you know what I mean.”

“Funny money, yeah we knew that,” Levon said. “What we don’t know is who is passing the money?”

“Don’t know. Word on the street is the people involved in the scam are really making out. I even reported a bad twenty dollar bill to the police yesterday. Seems they are hitting everyone”

“Do you know who gave you the money, Chicken?” Joey questioned.

“No, but I can tell you she was a Bad Girl,” Chicken added.

“Lets go see if the Scarecrow has any more information for us,” Levon suggested.

“Take care, fella’s,” Chicken called, handing Levon a bag of ribs. “Oh and watch your back and check your Mirrors.”

“Will do,” Levon responded, taking the bag of food. This urban Jungle Fighter needed the nourishment that the ribs would provide.

Getting back in the Jimmy, they drove down 7th Avenue looking For Caroline, who went by the street name of scarecrow. Knowing she would be at her favorite haunt, The Single In Heaven Bar, Joey went in to speak with her while Levon finished his ribs. Watching the Lady Smoke gave Joey pause. This entire town seemed intent on killing themselves in one way or another.

“Hey Caroline,” he called, taking a bar stool near her, “Got anything on the bad money that is floating around town?”

“Not much. Just that the owner of the machine is carrying on The Sins Of The Father, if you will.

“I’m afraid I don’t follow.” Boy everyone knew more than he and his partner did, Joey decided.

“What I’m saying, gorgeous, is he found his father’s duplicating machine. Now he is passing the money off as real too. Got me?”

“Yeah, but who is it?”

“I think that is your job to find out, don’t you?”

“Thanks for the help, Caroline,” Joey said, leaving with confirmation that the case involved counterfeiting but no closer to figuring out who the perpetrator was.

When Joey returned, Levon asked, “Anything new?” as he finished using one of the Wet Naps Chicken provided with every to go meal. They were a necessity if you wanted to clean up.

“Not much, just confirmation of what Chicken said.”

“Back to the drawing board again, then” Levon said. “Let’s head back to the precinct.”

Heading quickly up the elevator, both men made a beeline directly to Lieutenant Beaumont’s office.

“Have anything new, Lieutenant?” Levon asked.

“Not much, but I think we are about to.”

“I don’t follow, Lieutenant,” Joey said.

“Esteban is bringing in a girl claiming to be the counterfeiters girlfriend. She is mad at him and ready to turn states evidence to stay out of jail.”

“Oh Love Hurts,” Joey said, flinching. What a way to solve a case. Perhaps the next one would be easier for them.

“You said it partner,” Levon added. “Let’s go wait for Esteban’s information then go pick the guy up.

“Right,” Joey said exiting Joanne’s office right behind his partner.

The made their way to the interrogation room and watched through the two way Mirrors as Gutierrez easily got the needed information. As they waited for him to come leave the room, Levon said, “Any guesses on who it is?”

“None. You?”

“Right now I would hate to even try. We’ve been two steps behind this entire case.” Levon answered.

“Amigos,” Guiterrez said, smirking, “I got what you need. The man is Eddie The White Hand Duncan.”

Slapping his forehead and laughing, Levon muttered, “Of course.”

“Mind letting me in on the joke?” Joey asked.

“It was before your time, partner. Eddie is unusual.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Esteban added.

“Joey, Eddie is seventy years old, and he’s been to the loony bin twice. He thinks he is in ancient England most of the time.”

“So that is how he has been eluding you. He is pretending to be a knight of the Round Table and you can’t see through his disguise?” Joey asked, shaking his head.

“Are you nuts, Joey? A knight in Houston, no way!” Levon smirked.

“No Levon, he’s nuts and I know just how to catch him.”

“Oh this I need to hear. Go on, shoot.”

“Okay, we have Legs play a damsel in distress, and when he goes to rescue her, we nab him.”

Deciding that they had nothing to lose, they got Joanne to agree to Joey’s plan and Legs even agreed to wear a period dress. It only took the old man thirty minutes to try and effect a rescue from the evil Sir Lundy. He was taken into custody in under thirty five minutes from the start of Joey’s plan to the end.

“Well what do you know, it worked,” Levon said, shaking his head in amazement.

“Of course it worked. My plans always work.”

“Only because it was to catch a guy almost as nuts as you,” Levon countered.

“Exactly, Levon. Exactly” Joey said, wondering why they gave his partner the title of Houston’s Hero.

 ***The End***

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