The Runaway Girl (by Skipp)

Category:  Starsky & Hutch
Genre:  Crime Drama
Rated:  PG
Word Count:



It was a rainy midnight, and Starsky and Hutch were driving back from the Dobey cabin on an old crooked country road. Hutch was driving his old car because Starsky didn’t want anything to happen to the Torino in the woods.

“It could get scratched up,” Starsky had told him before they set out for the trip. “You know, like with bears and thorns and wild Billie goats and stuff. Only way I’m going camping is if we take your car.”

Hutch really wanted him to go, so he could teach him how to shoot a crossbow, so he gave in and they took his car.

The old car survived the camping trip too, except that the defroster wasn’t working too well in the rain on their trip back.

“Why can’t your car ever work right?” Starsky griped.

“It’s working all right. If you’d stop your heavy breathing we’d be in good shape. It’s not like I need the defroster working all the time in Los Angels.”

Starsky wiped some steam off the windshield with his hand so he could see, and when he did, the headlights shined on a pretty blond-haired girl walking in the rain. Her dress was all wet and her hair was like a wet mop.

Hutch said “We better stop and pick her up”.

“Yeah, and she’s not bad looking either.”

“Do you always think about that?”

“Don’t you?”

Hutch didn’t give an answer to that. He slowed the car down and cracked his window. “Hi there. Need a lift?”

The girl kept walking. Her head was down and she wouldn’t look at them. “Just go away.”

Starsky leaned over to talk around Hutch. “What’s wrong? Why you want to walk in the rain? You live around here? We can take you home. We’re cops.” He took out his badge and showed her. “See? You can trust us.”

She gave a scared look like a drowned rat at the badge, and then she ran into the woods as fast as she could.

“Something’s not right,” Hutch said as he stopped his car.

They both jumped out and ran into the woods after her to see what was wrong.

“Hey!” Starsky yelled through the rain. “Come back! What gives!”

She was running pretty fast, but she slipped in some wet leaves and went falling into the mud. That made her cry out loud. She hurt her knee, and she held it because it was

scratched and bleeding.

“Just leave me alone.” She hunched up against a falling log like she was scared and tired. “Just leave me alone.”

Starsky and Hutch got down beside her, one on each side of her so she couldn’t run away.

Starsky took his jacket off and wrapt it around her shoulders, and Hutch took a hankerchief and pressed it on her scratched knee.

“We just want to help you,” Starsky told her. “Did something happen? We’re not from around here, but we are cops, and we can help you out.”

She knew she was trapped between them and had nowhere to go, so she just raised her rainy face and looked at them. They couldn’t tell if she had tears or rain on her face, it all looked wet. But there was a sad look in her eyes that told them it was more than rain.

“My dad hit me,” she sniffled. “Kicked me out.”

“How old are you?” Hutch asked.


Starsky looked at Hutch, thinking she was too young for them. But anyway, she needed their help, not a date.

“Why’d he hit you and kick you out?” Starsky asked.

“I have a black boyfriend, that’s why. Todd’s really nice, but Daddy won’t even give him a chance.”

Hutch shook his head. “Some people are like that.” He looked at her face to see if she had a mark. “Do you have family around here? Some place you could stay for the night?”

“Aunt Joanie lives about three miles away. That’s where I was going.”

“We can take you there,” Starsky said holding her hand and pulling her up to her feet. “And you can stay there till it’s safe to go home again.”

“And,” Hutch put in, “we’ll have a nice long talk with your father about Todd and how he shouldn’t hit you anymore.”

She sniffed, feeling better already. “Okay. Thanks.”

“Now come on,” Starsky said as they walked back to Hutch’s car. “Let’s get out of this rain.”

The runaway girl smiled up at them for the first time. “Hey, you know what? I’ve got some pretty cousins at the house that are your age. I could fix you up. One’s a model and one’s an actress.”

Hutch grinned at Starsky. “Aren’t you glad you came on this camping trip with me after all?”

***The End***

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