The Homecoming / The Highriders (by BluewindFarm)

Series: Lancer
Genre: Western
Rating: G
Word Count: 965

Multiple 100 word vignettes based on the pilot episode, each is written from a Lancer’s point of view.

Can’t say too much against the dandy; he tolerated me falling on him as the stage lurched forward.  I’d seen Mexican Dons wearing such shirts, but that hat and those plaid plants were something else.

We made do as best we could while the stage rumbled along until the driver pulled to a halt in Morro Coyo.

Stepping down and turning to reclaim my gun and saddle, I wondered about my father.  Imagine my surprise when a female voice called, “Mr. Lancer?” even more of a shocker was the dandy answering, “That’s me,” at the same time I said, “Yeah?”

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

The vastness of this land is astonishing.  I thought I’d seen wide open spaces while fighting for the Union.  Field after field of swaying green before blood ran red.  But here, there is no comparison.  

I thought I had every contingency covered as I traveled from one side of the country to the other.

And now, this…. everything in front of me is Lancer.  As is the one sitting behind me, with nothing more than a saddle and a gun.

For one hour of my time, I hope he cares to explain how neither of us were raised on Lancer.  

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

High on the ridge we looked down into the valley.  This was Lancer.  It should have prepared me for the man I was to meet, the man who was my father.  The man who threw me to the curb.

I don’t know what I expected, but a towering giant was far from my mind.  

Taking in the sight of the man, I imagined all the ways I’d make him pay, pay for the past.  Not for the loss of my childhood, because I understood what I am; mestizo.  But Momma deserved better.  She didn’t deserve to die because of me. 

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

Now that’s a horse!  Raw power in the flesh.  The vaqueros warned me away, said he was an outlaw.  Guess their idea and mine aren’t the same.  His eyes said he was one who would not be broken, easily.  

Using every trick he knew, fish tailing while jumping for the moon, legs ramrod straight as his hooves pounded the ground; anything to get me off his back.  But in the end, he must have sensed we were to be partners.  

Sitting on the fence to catch my breath, I heard their cheering; the dandy could ride.  

But not my horse.

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

I played my hand with Pardee.  I don’t know if he believed me, but it gave me a chance to figure out who all he had, and his plan.  I’ll have to decide soon, he won’t let me sit on the fence without declaring my loyalty for too long.

Mierdra, what are they doing here?  Don’t they realize they’re in the middle of a range war?  What was the old man thinking letting them come to town without armed guards?  Well, there’s nothing I can do now, Pardee’s men have seen them.

Guess I’ll sit back and enjoy the show.

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

As if I hadn’t already been in one fight today….  I might be a Dandy, but I can fight.

Brother!  He’s quite prickly on the subject of family.  Maybe he has reason, Murdoch threw them out.

Theresa challenged his past; said Maria chose to leave Lancer.  

Before he rode away, I watched the transformation to confused, and hurt.  

My situation was bad enough.  But to be told your mother ran off with another man and stole you away.  What kind of life would make him want to become, what was the word Johnny used… a pistolero?  My brother, the gunhawk.

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

I knew it was a bad idea, at least half of it was bad.  It was too much to hope that both my sons would stand by my side to defend Lancer.  With the Pinkertons help, they came.  They listened for the hour, and stayed; even though one believed I’d abandoned him and the other thought I’d thrown him and his mother out.  I wanted them both.  They should have grown up on Lancer.

Scott is a good leader, willing to take charge.  The men respect him.

But Johnny.…Madrid isn’t my Johnny.  He’s leading Pardee’s men.  I was too late.

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

Hadn’t planned that dismount.  But when the bullet slammed into my back, I had no control.  Like death, I had lain and waited.

Firing my pistol while half walking, half stumbling; Pardee shouldn’t have counted out Johnny Madrid, not yet.  Unexpectedly I found an arm lifting and guiding me.  A few moments later Pardee was dead, but not by my gun.  And then it was over, the surviving land pirates chose to scatter to the wind.

Climbing to my feet, “Nice shooting.”  Quite impressed with how well Sheridan’s Officer could shoot.  One step and then two, my brother hovered close.

L ~ A ~ N ~ C ~ E ~ R

Not sure exactly what I felt when Johnny flew off his horse.  I’d seen soldiers in battle take flight and I knew he’d been shot from behind.  That far off, it wasn’t an accident.

“You got your plan, I got mine.”  Damn him for risking his life like that. 

“It’s too late.”  No, not when he’s climbing to his feet and firing to take out Pardee’s men from behind.

Dragging his sorry carcass to cover, I turned and fired.  And then it was over.  “Nice shooting.”

One step, and another, before draping over my shoulder like Barbara’s December cotillion cape.

3 thoughts on “The Homecoming / The Highriders (by BluewindFarm)

  1. So glad to be able to find your interesting story. “Hadn’t planned that dismount.” Tee hee, great line.


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