The Homecoming / The Highriders (by BluewindFarm)

Series: Lancer Genre: WesternRating: GWord Count: 965 Multiple 100 word vignettes based on the pilot episode, each is written from a Lancer’s point of view. Can’t say too much against the dandy; he tolerated me falling on him as the stage lurched forward.  I’d seen Mexican Dons wearing such shirts, but that hat and those … Continue reading The Homecoming / The Highriders (by BluewindFarm)

Dangerous Liaison: The Countess (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: The Cartwrights had pulled it off; successfully defended the Ponderosa without firing a single gunshot. Yet, the triumph was overshadowed by a persistent question; was anyone truly a winner or a loser when it came to a bittersweet memory from the past? Category:  Bonanza Genre:  Western, What Happened Next Rating: G Words:  595 words … Continue reading Dangerous Liaison: The Countess (by BluewindFarm)

Leagues from Home (by BluewindFarm)

Synopsis: After Lucas and Mark are wounded far from home; Lucas’ parental rights are terminated and Mark's guardianship is awarded to a home for wayward boys. Events ensue that further separate father and son.  Their efforts to be reunited take them on journeys neither they, nor their friends, could have foreseen. Category:  The Rifleman Genre:  Western … Continue reading Leagues from Home (by BluewindFarm)