I love You, Adam Cartwright (by Barbara)

Summary: When Adam is badly injured, someone from his past is summoned to care for him. Category: Bonanza Genre: Western Rated: PG Word Count: 8,715 PART ONE “It’s bad, Ben.” “Bad? How bad?” The elder Cartwright asked with deep trepidation. “Well, he’s going to need surgery on that leg if he’s going to keep it.” … Continue reading I love You, Adam Cartwright (by Barbara)

The Passing (by Barbara)

Summary:  Hutch goes home. Starsky follows him only to find out about his partner's tragic past. Category:  Starsky & Hutch Genre:  Crime drama Rated:  PG Word Count:  10,370   “Lo?” “Hey. It’s me.” “What time is it?” “It’s early.” “Whatsa matter?” Starsky asked as he propped himself up in bed. His bedroom was pitch black. The … Continue reading The Passing (by Barbara)