Trouble Comes Looking (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Van is a young U.S. Marshal who's good at the job but carrying a secret that could ruin a good career.  A mission to capture a dangerous outlaw in Arizona could expose that secret. Category:  General Fiction Genre:  Western Rating: PG Word Count:  6,398 Sometimes trouble does come looking for you. My younger brother … Continue reading Trouble Comes Looking (by BettyHT)

The Grave (by Sierra)

Summary:  The Lord helps those who help themselves. Category:  General Fiction Genre:   Murder/Mystery Rated: PG Word Count: 6985   “You can’t believe she did it. A fine Christian woman like that?” John Carter’s voice is incredulous. “She’s an altar lady, for pete’s sake. Runs the charity bazaars, volunteers at the hospital, stuff like that. Hell, … Continue reading The Grave (by Sierra)

There is a Season (by JC)

Synopsis:  This might appear to be a holiday story, which it is in the sense that Bonanza is a Western. In essence, it is the story of a man, one John Patrick Richards (better known as Jack), a retrospective of his life over a span of nearly thirty years – moments of wonder, elation, pride, frustration, helplessness, grief, loneliness, hope and gratitude - pieced together by the common thread of love, and viewed through the lens of Christmas. And in that sense, it is a story for all seasons. Rated:  G Word count:  11,093