Best Friends (by Sandi)

Summary:  A Big Valley poem.
Category:  Poetry
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  452


He sat lean and muscular, tall in the saddle

An aura of confidence shrouded him as he helped round up the cattle

With his brother, his partner and best friend

They would drive the herd together ‘til the trails end


It wasn’t always this way

The tanned blond cowboy used to ride alone

Picking up odd jobs here and there to earn his pay

Only to sleep in some bunkhouse

He had no place to call home


A quiet man was he, though fight he would

If some no count cuss laid claim

Because he had no name

He wasn’t any good


Many a time, he had suffered a beating

A Doctor’s care he would be needing

Once, twice, three times shot

For one so young, that’s quite a lot

Once a knife found him, laid him open wide

Some kind soul found him

Nursed him back to health, averting the other side


Like a tumble weed blowin’ in the wind

He mounts his trusty steed and rides again

Always chasing a dream he can’t lay hold of

Looking for that special family kind of love


Riding the range with the man he now calls brother

The once lonesome cowboy thinks of his new found family

His sister, brothers and mother

He smiles a quirky crooked grin

It wasn’t always easy, ‘specially that very first day way back then

He nearly threw it all away

If it hadn’t of been for her, whose wise words she planted

In his heart with hopes that they would stay


“If you were my son,” she had said

The young cowboy tilted his head

His mind drifted as he remembered it all

His moment of reminiscing fled

As his brother Nick bellowed his call

“Time’s a wastin’ Boy.  We’ve got work to do.”

“What’s your hurry brother?”

Heath Barkley sat straight in his saddle

“Nuthin’ wrong with stoppin’ and takin’ time to smell the roses

Before another day closes

Tomorrow is soon enough to mend the fences and herd the cattle”


Rough tough ol’ Nick rode over, a fight he could muster

Full of huff and puff and bluster

But as he pulled up near

His mouth split a smile.  His eyes began to tear

He knew his youngest brother was right

Too soon it would be life’s dark night

He looked at his brother, his partner and best friend

“Let’s do us some fishin’,” he said. “Let’s give this day of work an end”


***The End***

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